If I am lucky enough to become your city council representative, I have three main goals:


Transparent and accessible city council representation. Too often everyday concerns get lost in bureaucracy as government officials deal with the projects they deem more important. I want to make sure every person in this district has a chance to be heard. Since if elected I would be the first LGBTQ person and first person with a disability on the Overland Park City Council, citizens can count on me to stand up for all marginalized communities, and be a welcoming and inclusive voice on the council. 

I am committed to listening to the concerns of ALL residents of Ward 1. To demonstrate that commitment, please feel free to call me at 913-353-8560 or email me at


Passing a non-discrimination ordinance (NDO) for Overland Park. This would provide legal protection prohibiting discrimination against LGBT individuals regarding employment, housing, and public accommodations in Overland Park. This is not only the right move to protect our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors, but it's a smart move that sends a signal that our city is a diverse and welcoming place. This will help us attract new businesses and residents, and retain existing ones.


Building a brighter, greener, better Overland Park. I want to work with Overland Park’s Environmental Advisory Council to create a greener, more sustainable city. As a member of the KC Climate Action, I know that local government can do a lot to fight climate change, create green jobs, reduce energy use (and costs) through improved building codes, and create a more sustainable tomorrow.

Other Issues

As I have been knocking doors and talking to my neighbors throughout Ward 1, several other issues have come up with some frequency, including: post-storm debris removal plans, downtown Overland Park redevelopment, and the conditions of city sidewalks and roads. Rest assured that if elected, I will continue to listen to residents' concerns and work with all stakeholders to develop plans to address each of these issues in a thoughtful, comprehensive way.

I know I don't have all the answers to the issues we face. That's why I'm committed to listening to all of the city's voices.

- Taryn

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